Empowering you to find your individual truth through the magic of colour

Welcome to Transform With Colour!

I’m delighted to have you visit and read more about what a transformative and inspirational tool colour is.  We can use it to help you find confidence and clarity in the way you look and feel and importantly gain an understanding and recognition of your gifts, purpose and what really fulfils you.

Whether you need guidance with a Colour Consultation to help you make the right choices when wearing colour and putting outfits together, or a Colour Psychodynamic Profile session for deciding which path you should take so that the real you is nurtured and shines,  I offer a relaxed and welcoming space for you to discover more about yourself using colour as a tool to compliment and ensure you sparkle both inside and out.

About me

My background is in Project Management within the broadcasting sector but since having a family I now work part time alongside my Transform With Colour business.

I know how easy it is to care so much for everyone else in our lives that we forget about or don’t have time for ourselves.  Being able to take some time out to focus on yourself for a couple of hours is so important so you don’t get lost under the layers of others.  I would love to help you find yourself again and discover the colours that really give you confidence and make you feel alive.

Find out more

Getting to know you

Before we begin the colour journey, I like to get to know a little more about you as it is really important to understand – why now is the right time for you to come and see me, the type of lifestyle you have and what challenges you may be experiencing with your wardrobe.

It is also really helpful to understand your style personality so I have a short questionnaire for you to complete while you are here so we can identify your style preferences.